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Watch Kanoa Igarashi in Season 2 - Episode 2 of Red Bull’s ‘All In’ Series.

Season 2 - Episode 2 of Red Bull's ‘All In: Life on the WSL Championship Tour’ is out now featuring Sharpeye team rider Kanoa Igarashi. This episode focuses on Kanoa looking to post a big result to solidify a top five ranking and enduring the highs and the lows of tour life during the 2019 Quiksilver and Roxy Pros in Hossegor, France.

Check out Kanoa's signature model Sharpeye the Storms. 

The “Storms” is Kanoa Igarashi’s signature model suitable for small to medium waves. Kanoa helped Japan win the gold medal on the ISA games riding the Storms prototype in very small conditions.

Based on the original Disco Inferno squash, we added more area to the nose and created a bump squash on the outline for easier tight turning. We increased the nose thickness by pushing the volume forward and kept the same rocker and similar single to double concave as the original Disco Inferno. This board glides through flat sections and it can easily turn in the tighter sections of the wave, making it a new go to board for all QS warriors and local shredders.

Click here to check out the perfect dimensions of the Storms model for you.

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