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Watch Sharpeye team rider, Macy Callaghan's new edit 'In Rear View'

Watch Sharpeye team rider Macy Callaghan's new edit 'In Rear View'. A fun, dancing filled introduction to the life of Macy Callaghan (and her puppy). Her first official year on tour was a rollercoaster ride but when you meet Macy, you realize like any other surfer on tour, behind their relaxed nature, qualifying is always on the mind. "In Rear View" takes you along for the ride of her come back for re-qualification, in the last WQS event of 2019 and the endless free surfing sessions that got her there.

Macy's main whip is the #77 Model. 

The #77 model. Filipe toledo’s board of choice during his incredible road to victory in the 2017 J Bay Open. The #77 has more entry & exit rocker then his previous Holy Toledo model, coupled with a harder edge above the fins and more subtle concave through the tail. Quoted the "fastest board ive ever ridden” by Filipe. This board surfs best in good punchy waves and is recommended for intermediate to experienced surfers only. Order the model the same length as your height.

Click here to check out the perfect dimensions of the #77 Model model for you.

To order visit the Sharpeye 'surfboards' page or pop into one of our licenced authorised dealers and they can take your order and have a chat about your new stick.

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