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Stab in the Dark Shaper Series: Sharp Eye

Words by Stab Magazine: Marcio Zouvi is the man who makes Filipe Toledo’s contest-winning crafts. He’s a 48-year-old based in San Diego, and has been shaping for 29 years. He made 2400 boards in the last year, and two of those were for Stab in the Dark: “I actually made two boards, the second board came out good and I liked it. It’s based on the Oliver Kurtz model. It has a lot of rocker and Filipe Toledo uses it a lot when the waves are good, so it was my best bet to suit West Oz. This board will need energy and punchy waves.” Says Julian of the #13: “Thirteen would require a steep, clean wave like Indonesia. I’d love to ride it at Macaronis; any wave with a perfect, steep wall that doesn’t change. You could get really mechanical on it. You’d have really good control once you got the fins through the lip. I’d take it on a boat trip any day.”

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