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Watch Kanoa Igarashi's new edit - Euro Step.

One trip to Portugal before the World Tour gets underway. Kanoa Igarashi sharpens his blistering rail game in pumping Portugal.

With the Australian leg of the WCT coming up shortly, Kanoa is looking tack sharp and will certainly rattle some cages over the next few months .

Sit back and enjoy Euro Step.

Check out the #77+. Team Sharpeye's Step Up of choice.

The #77+ is a board designed and built for serious surfing, in serious waves. You wanna get really barrelled during the next swell? This is for you. Over the 2019/2020 season we extensively tested and tweaked the rocker and thickness distribution of the original #77. The aim - increase drive and control. When the waves are fast and hollow, you want to be able to generate speed, but also wipe it off with ease.

Kanoa Igarashi 'the lord' has put the #77+ through it’s paces from Tahiti to Portugal with the aim to get as barrelled as possible, but also throw down turns in critical sections. The feedback was incredible. The #77+ has been developed for advanced surfing in good to excellent conditions. It’s the step-up shortboard that’s been missing from our range. Now it’s here. You can bet your bottom dollar it’s under the feet of our WSL athletes and Free Surfing Warriors. It’s recommended to order the #77+ in the same width as your go-to shortboard, but increase thickness. Contact us for more information on sizing or custom dimensions if you're unsure, we're always happy to help.

Click here to check out the perfect dimensions of the #77+ model for you.

To order visit the Sharpeye 'surfboards' page or pop into one of our licenced authorised dealers and they can take your order and have a chat about your new stick.

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