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Stab Surfer Of The Year Reader Poll Results

Filipe tops Stab Mag's reader poll crowning him the peoples favourite Surfer of 2018.

Words vai Stab - Italo Ferreira and Stephanie Gilmore are the 2018 Stab Surfers of the Year – this much we know. The pair were chosen by 50 of surfing's greatest critics and athletes, making the distinction that much more meaningful than if a few anonymous votes had been cast via the internet. With that said, there is something to a popular vote, isn't there? Allowing all the average Sallys and Joes to have their say is something that most democratic nations hold true to their hearts, and the independent Republic of Stab is no different. That's why on top of the real 50-person poll we conducted, we also allowed the public to elect their favorite surfing performers in 2018, mostly for giggles and shits.

Over 3,000 people took part in the reader survey, which produced the following results (as of 1/9/18 at 10 PM PST):

Males Top 10 (Stab Reader Poll):

1. Filipe Toledo (397 votes)

2. Gabriel Medina (368 votes)

3. Noa Deane (269 votes)

4. Chippa Wilson (221 votes)

5. Julian Wilson (200 votes)

6. Nathan Florence (180)

7. Italo Ferreira (166 votes)

8. Dane Reynolds (135 points)

9. Griffin Colapinto (102 points)

10. Kai Lenny (75 points)

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