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WSL Stop 1 Wrap Up & Bells Start Ringing

Bells Is On!

With the 50 Year swell predicted this is one event you don't want to miss!

Filipe owned round one with Joe Turpel even going as far to suggest giving the trophy to Filipe if the event stays at Winki. He took out the GOAT and junior wildcard and team rider Xavier Huxtable. Filipe continued his form to take out countryman Caio and advance to the round of 16

Kanoa put up a good fright to get the jump on Mikey Wright, his upcoming heat against backhand powerhouse Ace Buchan will be a heat of beautiful power surfing from both.

Xavier put the pressure of Kelly Slater in their round 1 matchup, this little legend put on an amazing showcase of his abilities on the world stage.

Tatiana Weston-Webb has started out the event strong with her powerful backhand attack, she took out her first heat with a solid score over her competitors. She will finish the second stop of the year with a 9th place.

WSL Stop 1 came and went so quick this year. The event was moved to D-bah due to banks not working at Snapper.

This brought a new approach from surfers and also brought more excitement to the Red Bull Airborn event which was held over 2 days in fun wedges.


“I was so mad,” Filipe Toledo told Stab about his early morning match against Soli Bailey. “He fought super hard for the inside position, then he got that first wave. After that, I couldn’t find anything. Anytime I looked over by the wall, there was a sick wave. Then when I paddled over there, nothing. Then John got a six and a seven up the beach and I was like, ‘Ahhh!’”

While Filipe was waiting to open his account, John Florence was in the middle of the beach, pushing water so forcefully that he sent baitfish out of the lip. This was the benefit of the WSL’s new dual heat system, which proved to be a massive success today. More on that later.

Filipe’s first wave came more than halfway through his 40-minute heat. He dropped a four on that first ride, while Soli, who led the heat with a six and five, came to sit on Filipe, who now needed a seven to advance.

Soli blocked Filipe on a right-hand wall but failed to better his score. With five minutes left, Filipe finally found what he was looking for: two massive hacks, with his rail so engaged that all three fins were made visible through the morning glass, followed by an end-section slam and a guttural claim.

This was the first noteworthy moment in a day that, to our memory, provided more high-performance action than any single day in the history of competitive surfing. Yesterday’s Red Bull Airborne event included."

Filipe gains the 9th place after a battle with JJF. Along with a solid finals performance at the Red Bull Airborne Event

Kanoa finishes also with a 9th place, his battle with Conner Coffin was a great display of rail surfing from friends.

Tatiana takes home a 5th place and quarterfinals finish.

Keep an eye on the action this year, the season has just begun!!

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