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Toledo places 2nd at the Surf Ranch Pro.

With the highest-scoring wave of the event - three airs in one wave, an air reverse and two alley-oops, unseen before in competition - Toledo came away from the Surf Ranch Pro with 7,800 points and maintains his grip on the Jeep Leader jersey. "It's a win for me, to be in the position that I'm in. It's another keeper result," said Toledo. For all the fireworks of the final runs, the morning started a bit wobbly. It took nine waves before somebody, Toledo, completed a full run in the basin. With the exception of Medina's 8.73 and Toledo's 8.33 on the right, nobody completed a ride from one end of the basin to the other. Wilson fell on a big spin attempt at the end of the left, while Igarashi was unable to stick the landing on an air reverse at the end of the right. "Right now it's just go bigger, go higher. It's now or never," noted Toledo."I was really worried about the right, so I tried to surf it really well and focus on that," explained Medina. "Now I'm going to keep working on the left, try my airs, and see what happens. I prefer the left, for sure, I can go bigger. And hopefully I can improve my right as well." In the second runs Toledo spread his wings on a near-perfect 9.80. Landing three massive airs on the right, he briefly solidified his number one position on the leaderboard. "They want more? I'll give them more," smiled Toledo, reacting to the fact that the judges withheld what would have been the event's first, and only, 10-point ride from him. Marcio made Filipe a very refined batch of Disco Infernos for this event with both design and construction adjustment to suit the artificial wave. 2 boards were constructed in the sharpeye's signature E2 EPS tech, along with 2 standard stringered EPS boards and finally 1 x PU.

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