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Sharpeye Team Updates: Peniche

Congratulations to our team riders Tatiana Weston-Webb and Kanoa Igarashi for placing 3rd in the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal on the weekend. As well as Filipe Toledo with an honourable 5th place.

With the World Title race heading to Pipe, Filipe Toledo needed to win against Kanoa Igarashi to obtain the yellow jersey going into Hawaii. However, Kanoa was on his game in the quarterfinals and did not let Filipe advance that easily.

Filipe chose to be selective, caught a few waves, risked the air and missed, tried some tubes and did not leave. Kanoa opted for the edge manoeuvres to advance the competition and continue in the fight for the title. It seemed Filipe was not connected with the sea that day, whereas Kanoa was comfortable and caught excellent waves. Kanoa showed a lot of speed and consistency in his manoeuvres. Filipe was in need of an 8.10 to turn the scale but eventually fell short.

 “In these conditions I chose to catch a lot of waves, the sea was very good for me, I usually catch these conditions almost always, I knew that the competition was difficult. I am very happy to move forward and now is to focus on the next competition,” says Kanoa. 

Kanoa’s placing keeps himself in 6th place with 40,185 points and Filipe into 4th place with 49,145 points on the leader board. While Kanoa Igarashi is out of the running to earn the World Title, his performance has tangled the rankings and it will be very interesting to see who takes the crown at the Billabong Pipe Masters in December. According to the WSL, the 2019 title race is one of the closest in the history of professional surfing with less than 2,000 points separating the top four surfers. 

Kanoa was riding the Storms model and Filipe on the #77

Our Brazilian Tatiana Weston-Webb also went great in the competition and finished in 3rd place at the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal.  

For Tatiana, the Portugal stage was one of the most important of her life, because during the dispute she achieved a feat that went down in history: she was the first Brazilian to get a seat in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Congratulations Tatiana!

Tatiana performed in the second round of the quarterfinals in very good waves against Ausralian Sally Fitzgibbons and advanced with an excellent performance. 

In the semi-finals her opponent was United States athlete Caroline Marks who got two good waves early in the heat, where she performed strong manoeuvres, leaving Tati needing a 7.95. Tati caught a regular wave where she did good manoeuvres however was unmatched to Caroline who was really excelling that day. Tatiana Weston-Webb was not lucky in this heat, struggling to make good waves and erring in her strategy thus eventually being eliminated. 

The team here at Sharpeye congratulate Tati for 3rd place. 

Tati was riding the Disco Inferno model, if you'd like to learn more about it click here.

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