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Toledo Inches Forward

Toledo Inches Forward If you'd offered Filipe Toledo a Semifinal finish and a firmer grasp of the Jeep Leader Jersey before the Tahiti Pro Teahupo'o, the Brazilian would have bitten your hand off. The last three weeks has seen a clear mental shift in his approach to the wave which has been rewarded with his best ever result in Tahiti. Critics may say that the small waves that featured over the competition however still leave a question mark over his ability in slabbing lefts. They have a point, although it is telling that the three other Semifinalists, Medina, Flores and Wright, are all gold-plated Teahupo'o performers. Big or small it is positioning on the reef, which comes down to inches rather than yards, that wins heats at Teahupo'o. In this competition Toledo has made huge strides in that regard.

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