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Tatiana Weston-Webb

Tatiana Weston-Webb

WSL Surfers, International

Tatiana Weston-Webb


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Tatiana Weston-Webb can easily be mistaken for Daenerys Targaryen, the blonde-haired Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones. Like the would-be leader of the Iron Throne this steely-eyed Hawaiian goofyfooter is fiery, strong, courageous and confident. She’s been an intimidating force on the women’s Championship Tour since her fulltime arrival in 2015, when she opened with a third place finish at Snapper, made the finals in France, clinched the Qualifying Series, finished No. 7 on the CT leaderboard, and was named Rookie of the Year. Her competitive drive comes from her Brazilian mother, a former professional bodyboarder who won an event at Pipeline in the 90s. Her passion comes from dad, a hardcore surfer from Kauai. Days after she was born in Brazil mom moved her to Garden Isle so she could have dual citizenship, and the timing couldn’t have been better. Kauai’s hotbed of talent was making a huge push on the global stage, led by Andy and Bruce Irons, and Tatiana was one of dozens of stoked grommets riding the surge. Her father routinely paddled her out at big Hanalei Bay when she was young, which is why she’s one of the most confident surfers on Tour in waves of consequence, and when Hollywood needed a stunt double to play young Bethany Hamilton in Soul Surfer, 11-year-old Tatiana was the perfect fit. She spent three weeks on Oahu shooting, and hanging with her friend and hero. On her way to the Championship Tour she won back-to-back ISA World Junior Championships in 2013 and 2014, while just narrowly missing the cut for the 2014 season. She got a taste of the CT life that year, however, while making three appearances as an injury replacement. Her high-energy approach is a direct reflection of her personality, void of any timidity, and equally dangerous at ten-foot Cloudbreak as it is at three-foot Huntington Beach. In 2016 she nabbed her first CT win at the Vans US Open of Surfing. And in 2017 she made back-to-back finals in Fiji and HB. In 2018 she’ll be traveling with her longtime boyfriend, Jesse Mendes, a rookie on the men’s Tour. And you can bet pro surfing’s new power couple has eyes on that throne.
5' 4"
55 kg
9 May


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