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H4 Medium Quad Rear Fins

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NOTE:6-8 weeks build time for Custom Orders.

Fin System

Click on the 'Volume Guide' in the tab above to find the recommended volume based on your skill level, height and weight.

To explore your desired dimensions and volumes in real time. Click here to use the Custom Board Builder.

* Note the volume calculation is a guide only. If in doubt please click here to contact us.

Stock Boards are constructed in PU (Standard 4x4x4 Glassing).

Boards Available in:
Standard Lamination – PU / PE
Other Materials – EPS / Epoxy

Made in Australia to the Highest Australian Standards from Premium Materials.

Store in a board bag.
Store out of direct sunlight.

After Usage:
Rinse off after use.

Wax Removal:
Do not use chemical solvents to remove wax residue.

Repair any dings immediately.

*Note this is a guide only. Contact us if any further information is required for the care and repair of your surfboard.

FCS II H4 Quad Rear Set – The H4 looks and surfs different to any other fin. Precision Swiss engineering matched with a highly evolved template provides an unprecedented level of control and predictability at high speeds.

Quad Rears designed to work with both medium & large H4 sets. This set comes equipped with 2 x Quad Rear Fins, designed to work with both medium & large H4 sets.

While the science behind the template, materials & the foils are highly complex. Every component of this fin has been engineered to create a simple synergy between the fin & the surfboard, the rider & the wave.

Rear Fin Synergy: The H4 quad rear combines the power + control of the H4 thruster, with the added speed & drive of a quad.

Quad Rear Profile: A similar hybrid outline on the front and rear fins helps minimise turbulence + provides a smooth and predictable feel.

Enhanced Foils: Revolutionary new foil designed to grip longer through turns and promotes perfect rail to rail transitions.

Ideal Conditions
A wide range of conditions, particularly good in critical overhead waves.

Board Types
Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System. 
Recommended for performance shortboards with moderate-to-low rocker.

Fin Family and Specifications
Accelerator: Find Control. Speed, flow and response with added control.

Quad Rear
Base: 4.09" / 103.7mm
Depth: 4.24" / 107.5mm
Area: 12.62"² / 8140mm²
Sweep: 31.4º
Foil:  IFT-80/20

New Construction
Precision Swiss Engineered:

Creates perfect synergy between fin geometry & HI-FI materials, giving smooth & predictable feel.

High Density Uni-Directional Carbon Fibre:
Light & super strong with custom orientation to transfer more of your energy into speed than any other fin.

Dynamic Trailing Edge:
Internal composite morphs under extreme load, enabling the fins to be pushed harder without sliding out.

Innovative Production:
Highly specialised robotic automation combined with camera assisted quality control, ensures absolute accuracy. 

Volume Calculator

Your Ability
Your Height
6'9" / 206cm
Your Weight
309lbs / 140kg
Your Recommended Volume
--.-- L

The volume calculation is a guide only. Your recommended size may be different to your recommended volume due to your height, weight or skill level for this particular model.

Your recommended size is the calculation based on the data you enter above.